Play Wheel of Fortune Online – Guide 2024

Whether as a wheel on TV or as an online wheel of fortune, this game has fascinated viewers for decades. Participants can win with very simple game rules by betting on the right outcome – not all games of chance are as easy to understand as this wheel.

Whether you set up a wheel with your colleagues in the office, use a name wheel for drawing lots for household chores, or use wheels of fortune at an online casino: We provide some information and a free demo version that they can use. This article is about the following topics:

  • Test online wheel of fortune as demo version now
  • What is a wheel of fortune anyway?
  • These types of wheel of fortune are available in online casinos
  • Special bonus programs for online games with wheel of fortune
  • Spin the wheel on your cell phone and on the go
  • Play wheel of fortune also as a live casino
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the wheel of fortune online

Test Now Online Wheel of Fortune for Free – as Demo Version

We now also have a free way for you to play Wheel of Fortune and practice the spin on the wheel. This is a simple random number generator, not a real game from a casino – but you then decide if the wheel is what for.

The great thing is that you can play with several players and choose results yourself. So, for example, enter tasks for the individual numbers with work colleagues or create a name wheel and let the wheel choose who has to empty the trash can! This way, wheels of fortune also turn your work into an experience!

What Is a Wheel of Fortune Anyway?

The wheel of fortune has been around for centuries at fairs, and wheels of fortune have also made their way onto television. In almost every country in the world there are TV shows where the contestants win prizes and solve puzzles with the help of the wheel of fortune.

But the wheel in the online casino is different from the ones on TV. Here, it’s all about betting on one of the numbers and getting a win on the matching result. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. In the next section we will explain exactly what options you have in this game and how to play Wheel of Fortune.

How to Play Wheel of Fortune Online

The gameplay is almost self-explanatory, but you should still follow a few tips and tricks. Therefore, here is a brief guide on how exactly you should approach this game of chance:

  1. Find a safe and reputable online casino where you can play a wheel / wheel of fortune.
  2. Play Wheel of Fortune either in the live casino or as a video machine.
  3. Place your bet on one of the numbers. Look at the layout of the wheel beforehand and which number is common.
  4. In the live casino, rather take a number that frequently wins. Especially with the wheel, this can be due to gravity and an uneven weight distribution from the wheel itself. In general, it is usually not helpful to bet against a winning series.

These Types of Wheel of Fortune Are Available at Online Casino

One of the most popular forms for Wheel of Fortune on the net is the live casino game from Evolution Gaming “Dreamcatcher“. This wheel is very similar to TV wheels and allows players to set their betting decisions in a very clear game.

Thereby 54 game fields provide for the winnings. Depending on how often the number you place your bet on occurs, the payout also differs. The frequent numbers are rewarded with 2 times the bet, but triple, six times and even more is possible.

In addition, there are the multipliers: these are x2 or x7 and multiply the next win by this factor. Thereby, even several multipliers can occur in a row, so that the win becomes much bigger.

Another exciting variation is the Monopoly Live Casino. Here, too, a wheel of fortune is used to randomly give away the winnings.

Before playing, especially look at the design of the wheel and how the bets are distributed. For example, in “Dreamcatcher” some of the low numbers occur more than 15 times and promise more stable winnings.

In general, it can be said that almost all Wheel of Fortune casino games are represented in the Live Casino category. We will explain what advantages this has later in the text.

Special Bonus Programs for Online Games With Wheel of Fortune

Since Wheel of Fortune is mostly played in the live casino, the selection of bonus offers is usually not specific to this casino game. Very few providers have a decent promotion on the live casino, as mostly rather slots are supported.

However, you can look for deposit bonus information on the provider’s site. In most cases, this bonus (also called welcome bonus) can also be applied to table games and live casino. However, the wagering requirements are different here and the bonus must usually be converted more often.

Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to get a nice start and play your first rounds in the live casino with the free credit.

Turn the Wheel on the Mobile Phone and on the Road

Many players ask us again and again which casino games can be used on the go, for example, when waiting for the train again. The good news is that there are a lot of options in 2024.

Most providers have a mobile-optimized website, on which all games from the range are usually offered and available.

All you need is a current smartphone with iOS or Android. But other operating systems are also compatible with the online games, since almost all newer devices are HTML5-capable.

Don’t be surprised: Most online casinos do without an app these days. However, with instant play on the website, this is not a disadvantage, as even with this, every casino game runs smoothly and adapts to the mobile screen.

Play Wheel of Fortune as Live Casino

As already described above, the live casino is even the preferred variant to experience the spin on the wheel. Here, the decisions can be made with a live dealer.

The big advantage is that a true random principle applies. With video slots, there is always a program and algorithm behind it that makes the decisions. Live games, however, are based 100% on chance and thus prevent any manipulation during the course of the game.

In addition, there is the interactive aspect. You can usually chat and make small talk with the croupier via live chat or microphone, so you’re not just sitting alone in front of the screen here.

Since almost every casino now offers a wheel of fortune on its website, you can always change providers if you don’t like the atmosphere with the live dealer or simply don’t have any luck with a game.

Tips and tricks for Wheel of Fortune at Online Casino

We have already mentioned a few tips. In general, the strategy is the same as in other casino games, but luck can be influenced a bit better in Wheel of Fortune:

  • Use small bets to play longer.
  • Choose casino games with a high payout ratio.
  • Prefer to bet on low numbers with more frequent wins.
  • Risk the higher numbers only on a good day, when you have won a larger sum before and a loss does not hurt.
  • Do not play at the online casino when you are particularly excited or emotional. Otherwise, you increase the risk of risky gambling behavior and high losses.

Advantages of Wheel of Fortune Online

Turning the wheel online has advantages, which we summarize in this list:

  • Especially interactive in the casino with live croupier
  • Many gaming opportunities with demo versions for fun games with colleagues
  • Large selection of variants and providers for the best casino experience



The wheel was a great invention, the wheel of fortune is even more exciting for many players. The game principle of the wheel of fortune is particularly easy to understand and also for newcomers a great way to gamble.

As already described, there are many different variations and a large selection, whether as a video game, in the live casino or as a special variant. You have to make the decisions for the right game by testing a wheel and checking what profit you can make with it.

Many wheels of fortune like the Dreamcatcher wheel are strongly reminiscent of the wheels of fortune from Sat1 and thus allow for a nostalgic feeling when playing.


  1. Can I play online Wheel of Fortune in a live casino?

    Almost every online casino now has an extensive department for live gambling. Here, participants log in and then play games together with a live dealer. During the game of chance, the player can usually talk to the dealer via live chat or microphone.

    In the list of live casino games, many providers also have Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is then spun by the game master. A big advantage is the real random number generator. Video games can be theoretically manipulated, which rarely happens, but for truly random results there are great opportunities for players in the live casino to participate in the wheel.

  2. Is Online Wheel of Fortune also available for mobile and tablet?

    Spinning the wheel on your mobile phone also works in many online casinos. Even as a participant in the live casino, you often have the opportunity to play Wheel of Fortune mobile.

    Most casinos have a mobile-optimized website for this purpose. The selection of games there is usually completely preserved when playing on a smartphone or tablet.

    Thus, online wheel of fortune on the go in the train or in the waiting room at the doctor’s office is also an option for players and allows the casino experience not only in front of the screen at home.

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